Baharon Phool Barsao – Suraj (1966)

Seasons of spring, shower with flowers, my lover has arrived

my lover has arrived

singing breeze acknowledged, my beloved has arrived

my lover is here

Reddish flowery tattoos are laid in her beautiful hands

come and put kohl in these lovely eyes

the stars decorates her hair, my beloved is here

my lover has come

The views in every direction projects a curtain of brightness

my lover is very shy; she shouldn’t go away from blushing

console my heart a little, my love has arrived

my lover is here


The young buds have decorated the bed of intimacy

they knew that one day the breeze of love will come this way

surroundings spread color, my love has arrived

my lover is here

Winds sing away to the tunes, my darling has arrived

my sweetheart has arrived


Posted by V.K.Guruprakash, Mysore