S-J introduction of new voices.

Mohammed Rafi has been the main male voice for S-J and the duets he S-J recorded with him are very varied, Lata (mostly- until Rafi’s split with her over royalties),Suman Kalyanpu( ... Continue Reading →


Hi dear all, One anecdote I am going to share with you all. Andaz, a 1971 movie is the only movie till date which has two SJs’ but not one. They are SHANKAR-JAIKISHAN for musical ... Continue Reading →

Songs on Same raags

Songs on Same raags Our Yahoo grp member J M Pradhan ji writes his views on SJ’s songs Regarding similarity of songs, I would like to share my views. In Indian Classical Music ... Continue Reading →

“Kaljayi Songs of SJ”

Although most of the SJ songs are immensely popular among mass and class, but there are few songs which mesmerized the public and refused to go out of mind of general public even after ... Continue Reading →

Sushama Shreshta was introduced by SJ

Sushama Shreshta was introduced by SJ in “Andaz” and also sang in “Seema” She later sang as Poornima. Ramesh Sippy and Salim-Javed of “Sholay” fame ... Continue Reading →
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