-J in the 70’s: Re-visiting their Gems

S-J in the 70’s: Re-visiting their Gems
Ali Rashid writes on SJ’s gems from 70s

I have been listening to a lot of S-J 70’s songs of late, and re-visiting their gems during that period.
Why do some critics give S-J the short end of the stick when it comes to the 70’s. These critics label S-J’s music during that time as “loud”, “low-quality”, and so forth. It is true that S-J did produce few sub-standard songs during that period (as did others), but they also produced many great songs too. After listening to these songs, I am even more convinced that had Jaikishan lived, S-J would still have been a force to reckon with.

Even amidst their problems, S-J in the 70’s could still come up with vintagemelody, fantastic orchestration, and soulful compositions. In fact, a good number of these songs were better than what others were churning out during this time.The songs we have of this duo in the 70’s are to be cherished.

Some gems I was listening to (YTube links provided for some which were available):

Jane anjaane log mile – Jane Anjaane – 1971 – Kishore


RD used what I like to call a “piano accompaniment” technique where flourishes of the piano showed up in his compositions (I wrote an article on that earlierthis year). S-J have also used that technique in the bove Kishore solo.Ofcourse they did not copy this from RD, but it was their own unique creativity. One of KK’s best early 70’s songs.

Saanjh savere nain tere – Duniya Ka Jaane – 1971 –


A beautiful Kishore-Asha duet. From the orchestration, it seems like a Jaikishan composition. Kishore had a different charm singing under S-J.

Ae badal jhoom ke – Nadaan – 1971 – Mukesh

Jhoom ke gaa yun – Patanga – 1971 – Rafi

Wasta hi na jab raha – Chori Chori
One of the last Mukesh masterpieces composed by Jaikishan.

Ek tera sundar mukhda – Bhai Bhai – 1970 – Rafi

Wah Wah Rafi-saab !.

Tumhare bin guzare hain – Atmaram – 1979 – Lata/Rafi

A stunner…probably the last Lata/Rafi duet Shankar (Jaikishan) composed….beautiful melody and rendition.

Jab mohabbat jawan – Jawan Mohabbat – 1970 – Rafi

Sooni sooni sans ke sitar – Lal Patthar – 1972 – Asha


Also, try finding a better set of male songs (from a variety of singers) in the early 70’s:

Rafi – Jab bhi yeh dil udaas – Seema – 1971
Mukesh – Jaane kahan gaye woh din – Mera Naam Joker – 1970
Kishore – Bhanwre ki gunjan – Kal Aaj Aur Kal – 1971
Rafi – Tum mujhe yun bhula na – Pagla Kahin Ka – 1970
Manna – Re man sur mein ga – Lal Patthar – 1971
Mukesh – Jeevan bhar dhoondta jisko – Nadaan – 1971
Kishore – Zindagi ek safar – Andaz – 1971
Manna – Ae bhai zara dekh – Mera Naam Joker – 1970
Rafi – Humko to jaan se pyaari – Naina – 1972
And Many others…….