BIRTH NAME - Jaikishan Dayabhai Panchal
BORN - November 4, 1929(1929-11-04)  Vansda, Gujarat, India
DIED - September 12, 1971(1971-09-12) (aged 41)
GENRES - Film score, Indian classical music, Fusion music, Indo Jazz.
OCCUPATIONS - Composer, music director, orchestrator, conductor
WIFE NAME - Pallavi Jaikishan
DAUGHTER NAME - Bhairavi Jaikishan
YEARS ACTIVE - 1949–1987
  • Jaikishan appeared in a small role as the drunkard husband of nadira in the file “Shree 420” (1955).
  • Jaikishan Family is based in Mumbai and his wife (Pallavi Jaikishan) and one Daughter (Bhairavi Jaikishan) are dress designer for repute.
  •  JaiKishan hails from Panchal, Gujarat. Jaikishan strangely enough was a carpenter before the duo met and paired up. In the beginning of their career they assisted the then-famous Husnlaal-Bhagatraam.
  • Jaikishan died in 1971 due to cirrhosis of liver, a disease caused by excessive consumption of alcohol.