Likhe Jo Khat Tuje – Kanyadaan (1968)

When I wrote you a letter in your memory

It become a sight of thousand colors

When it became morning, it became flowers

When night came, it became stars

A song echoed some where; my heart said that you came

When limbs snapped some where, I thought you became shy

When fragrance spread somewhere, it felt like your hair is spread

When I wrote you a letter ….

The atmosphere is colorful, the style is colorful, this strut, this shyness

The tossing and turning, this loneliness, this going away by making me thirsty

Won’t it make a crazy man out of any adult?

When I wrote you a letter ….


Wherever you are I am there, you are the hear beat of my heart

I am the traveler, you are the destination,

I am the thirsty, you are the rain

My world are these eyes, my heaver is this, hem your garment


Trans: Brindavani